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Welcome to the Wedding Ceremony Generator!

Stumped on how to write your wedding ceremony?  Well, we have ceremony help!  This is a great new feature that allows you to customize various wedding ceremonies to fit your perfect day.  We have several types of wedding ceremonies to choose from including a short but sweet ceremony that can be performed in about 5 minutes, a Christian religious ceremony, a commitment ceremony and a medieval ceremony as well.  New to the list is a fun wedding format that takes on a pirate theme that's perfect for a beach wedding.
Once you select a wedding ceremony, just fill in the form with your information.  For most of the ceremonies, there are several add-in options such as a unity candle or a hand blessing ceremony.

Please Select a Ceremony from the drop down box.

Ceremony Descriptions

Short and Sweet: This is just the basic ceremony.  It has the bare minimum requirement for most states.  It has a short introduction, vows, ring exchange and the pronouncement as a couple.  Without additional add-ons, this ceremony can be done in about 5 minutes.

Religious:  This is a Christian religious ceremony.  It has a couple prayers and a Bible reading.

General:  This ceremony is longer than the short and sweet ceremony.  This is generally considered a civil ceremony as it does not contain any reference to spirituality.

Family Participation:  Here, the whole family participates.  The families bless the marriage and promise to help the couple uphold the new couple's vows.  The flower ceremony add-on would be a perfect addition to this ceremony.

Casual:  This is just a simple ceremony, although longer than short and sweet.  It uses less formal language than normal.

Christian Medieval:  This is an old-school ceremony using medieval language.  Very interesting.  It's perfect for a themed wedding.

Commitment Ceremony:  Although not a legal ceremony in most states, this is a beautiful ceremony honoring the commitment and love between two people promising to love each other forever.

Neptune's Ceremony:  Perfect for a fun beach wedding, this pirate themed wedding ceremony comes courtesy of Donald Beach from




I'd like to thank you for using our fun new generator.  I put a lot of work into it.  As such, I should let you know, I vigorously defend my copyright protections.  Please do not copy this generator or any variations of it.  Just because I don't make money off of it and you don't plan to either, doesn't mean that it's legal to take it.  If you would like to include it on your site, with the proper attributions, please contact me for written permission, thank you.

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